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April 25, 2018

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Our wonderful home, Lemnos island, has been featured in the published edition of ‘Xenagos’ magazine. The article was written by Mr. Mantzaris, the President of the Hoteliers Association of Lemnos, who is perhaps the most appropriate person to introduce Lemnos and all its best attributes. The article, that is written in Greek, presents Lemnos’ destination profile, its strong points as well as some key features that visitors should definitely experience.

In summary, Lemnos is strategically located in the North Aegean sea, with great geopolitical value. This has been the case since ancient times, as, Lemnos was also an island that was heavily populated during the ancient Greek era. Still a developing tourism destination, its best assets have not been fully utilised and promoted, and its tourism infrastructure is still underway. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the result of this is that Lemnos remains a relatively unspoiled destination, able of offering its visitors a unique experience. It exudes a sense of ease and calm, since the island has not been impaired by the culture of mass tourism. Promoting sustainable tourism is the way forward, in order to put Lemnos on the Greek destination map, and in the place that it rightfully deserves.

With a great wealth of natural resources, Lemnos is quite the contender when it comes to agro-tourism and gastro-tourism. The local way of life provides an intriguing insight into Lemnos’ viability and offers visitors a chance to discover numerous local delicacies. From delectable local cheeses to the exceptional local wines and ‘tsipouro’, guests of Lemnos will most certainly eat and drink well. Lemnos is characterised by warm hospitality that is manifested in every encounter. It has numerous traditional settlements, either in its mountains or fishing villages by the sea that visitors can explore and be charmed by. Although it does not have a mass influx of tourists, once a Lemnos visitor, always a Lemnos visitor. The island captures your heart in a way that you will want to come back, again and again.

Among the key features of Lemnos, is the Faros lighthouse with amazing 360° views, the picturesque fishing village of Kotsinas and its wonderful beach, which is ideal for kite surfing too, and the charming Varos village which is where our Varos Village hotel is located. Furthermore, the Museum of Nautical Tradition, the impressive, open air Panagia Kakaviotissa church which is built within a natural cavity on Kakavos mountain, as well as the Ammothines, the expansive sand dunes that are a benchmark of Lemnos island.

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