Varos Village Stories: Larry and Mary (The Americans)

May 4, 2016

Larry was about to post his “Lemnian” review on tripadvisor. He had just experienced his today’s delicious breakfast, after a very relaxing sleeping night. Restless? Not, at all… He just forgot everything except the Lemnian vibes! Just a scroll down in his thoughts, for once. A castaway mind journey! “You actually deserve it”, says his wife Mary. A time off in order to re-­energize mind, body and soul! “The touch windmill paradise in paradise” the first words in Larry’s Lemnos world! Another world. He furthers by mentioning “a special place with amazing family retreat in the Aegean!”. He recalls all the emotions that he experienced the last seven days in the island. His review was starting by referring to Varos Village concept. Mary, on the other hand, she was emphasizing the opportunity to learn how to make traditional dishes, while cooking traditional Greek cuisine. Local rooster with flomaria was her favorite…

But after all, emotions shouldn’t be described, they should be experienced!

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