Varos Village Stories: Paul and Kate (Yes, I do)

May 26, 2016

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August 30th. This is a special Saturday night fever! Fullmoon! “Oh yellow moon, yellow moon why you keep peeping in my window, do you know something, do you know something I don’t know…?” I am whispering this epic song from Neville Brothers. This is the night! A very special night. I am waiting for a long time… I will propose to her! It’s about love. Our lovestory! The most social event of my life. I imagine the fairytale of our lives to be combined at the first and only choice on the island of Lemnos. People at Varos are amazing. They consulted me in a very unique and romantic way, how to prepare the perfect marriage proposal. A moment that will last forever! A dream, which definitely will become the scenario of our future reality. I am sorry, that I have secrets from you my dear…! It’s just that I would like to create in the best possible way the surprising event of your life! This is Saturday night fever! “Movie scene” with a perfect glass of champagne on windmill of Varos! An escalated perfect love affair! 180o heartbeat!

-­‐ My lovely Kate, will you marry me?

-­‐ Oh! I can’t believe it my love…! I just can’t! I do!

-­‐ Together for a life!

But after all, emotions shouldn’t be described, they should be experienced!

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