The 7 senses experienced at Varos Village Hotel & Residences.


Rediscover your senses and awaken new ones in a place where time has a different meaning.

Discern each scent.
The island’s aromas will arouse memories you never knew existed within you. The tingling fragrance of thyme and oregano that blows in the wind, will revitalise you.

Do not simply sense.
Hold the legendary Terra Lemnia with your bare hands. Let its miraculous properties permeate your being and allow the power of ancient nature infuse your soul.

See, do not just look.
Watch the sun rise and set, as if it salutes you personally. Witness the ancient volcano that rises up to the sea and feel the awe that nature’s wonders inspire within you.

Do not simply hear.
Notice the sounds of your surroundings, as if for the first time. It is the sheeps’ bells that ring as they walk by and the roosters’ cry that bid you “good morning”…

Savour every single flavor.
Take a moment to let each flavor rise to the top of your palate. Let them linger for a while and identify the fine ingredients of our cuisine and the refined local Muscat wine.

The elusiveness of a different reality.
The energy of true Lemnian authenticity. Surrender to the enchanting aura of the island, the charming ambiance of our surroundings, the heart-felt emotion of being here.

Reviving a place of rural livelihood.
Share our unique vision of hospitality. A vision of a magical, travel journey through time made of Lemnian holiday dreams that become yours to treasure, forever.

Experience each moment with reverence. Pause to absorb it all. Here, time is not of the essence. At Varos Village Hotel & Residences, you become part of something timeless.