Lemnos: the ideal family holiday destination

April 2, 2018

Lemnos island, one of the gems of the North Aegean, is a place of unspoiled landscapes, has a charm that remains untouched by time and exudes an unprecedented sense of belonging. It is a quiet, demure, unpretentious and traditionally modern Greek island that is able of offering its visitors an authentic island holiday experience. In effect, it combines all the elements that make family holidays unforgettable. Family holidays in Lemnos are characterised by comfort, great experiences and togetherness. Lemnos is capable of making you feel like home, even if it’s somewhere you have never been before.


Comfortable Family Accommodation in Lemnos

When considering family holidays, suitable living quarters are essential. For families who wish to experience a more authentic, traditional stay experience without compromising on modernity and some luxurious facilities, Varos Village Hotel provides the best of both worlds. Families can experience the true vibes of our island by staying at a traditional village suite in Lemnos that will surround them with all the modern amenities for a most enjoyable stay. Very spacious and with a stand-alone, traditional character, it will instill the authentic feel of being part of a village residence, like a newfound family summer home, while, at the same time, ensuring luxurious levels of comfort for all members. The sublime poolside ambiance of our hotel complex is close by for harbouring those relaxing and refreshing moments when families choose to stay in the Varos Village embrace, rather than explore the wonderful island environs.  

Family Excursions & Activities in Lemnos
Lemnos has an alluring rural aura that families will be thrilled to discover in every venture around our beautiful island. The landscapes are diverse, allowing for a wide range of experiences. The colourful fishing port of Moudros, the picturesque capital town of Myrina, the lovely beaches of Kotsinas and Keros and all the other striking natural beauties provide families with ample options for excursions and exploration. The Lake of Alyki features the rare sighting of flamingos, the Petrified Tree is unique to Lemnos as are the Sand Dunes which are a family favourite in addition to the Kaspakas waterfall. A plethora of archaeological sites in Lemnos elevate the cultural value of the island with many being of great interest to both adults and children. Blending in with the local community is also a fun pastime, with introductions to pottery and discovering the ancient clay of Lemnia Terra, as well as cooking lessons in Lemnian gastronomy! In terms of activities, horse riding can be enjoyed by the whole family while taking in the bucolic landscapes of Lemnos as you ride, while the island is also a popular destination for various watersports, whether leisurely or more intense ones.  

Depending on the interests of each family, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Lemnos!

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