Lemnian Gastronomy

July 24, 2018
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Lemnian Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Lemnos is based on the simplicity of fine, local produce. With a strong gastronomic tradition that goes back to the ancient times of  Hephaestus, the Lemnian cuisine remains true to its roots. And this is what sets it apart from other regional Greek cuisines that have developed into more contemporary, more modern versions and often incorporate gourmet variations. Lemnos is a top destination for agro-tourism and gastro-tourism, for those who seek to experience the most authentic side of Greek culinary delights that have retained their unaltered qualities throughout the years.

Simplicity in flavours is a key attribute of Lemnian gastronomy. Recipes are simple without being basic in the slightest, this way highlighting a few ingredients at a time. The recipes are defined by the products that are grown on the island, this way guaranteeing their origin, their freshness, their full bodied flavour, and their uniqueness. With some influences from Asia Minor, Lemnian gastronomy is deeply rooted in the overarching Greek cuisine that is known far and wide for its wholesomeness and high nutritional quality. Dishes with veal, as well as poultry, pork,and  lamb dishes provide the most delicious result. Being an island of course means that Lemnos has many recipes that have fresh fish and seafood at their core, bringing you the catch of the day directly to your plate.

The soil of Lemnos is considered to be particularly fertile. And justifiably so, considering all the vegetables consumed are grown on the island, so you are sure to be savouring the best products that come from local gardens. In fact, Varos Village Traditional Hotel has its own organic garden, from which guests can hand pick their fruit and vegetables for us to cook! Apart from vineyards and the top level wine they produce, Lemnos has a long standing tradition in cheese making, using sheep and goat’s milk to produce some really exceptional cheeses. Kalathaki, Kaskavali and Melipasto are all local Lemnian cheese types that are exported to the rest of Greece and around the world too, in addition to the local Feta that is produced. A special thyme honey of the highest quality is cultivated in Lemnos, and is used for adding a bit of sweetness wherever it is needed, in desserts, on freshly baked bread and of course an all time favourite, with local yogurt. As simple and delicious as that!

At Varos Village gastronomy, across all its dining venues, is in line with the local mentality of the cuisine. For breakfast, guests are able to enjoy all the Greek goodness of fresh products; a selection of breads and rusks made with local flour, traditional pies that are packed with herbs and flavour, omelets and variations made with eggs of the day as well as fresh fruits, fruit juices and homemade marmalades are only some of the local delicacies that will add morning flavour to your day. As for all meals besides breakfast, you will find the best of Lemnian gastronomy staring at “Elia Pool Restaurant” (all-day restaurant) and at our Veranda Restaurant in Lemnos that has been awarded by the Greek Tourism Organisation with the seal of “Taste & Quality Greek cuisine”. (after 19.00)   


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