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March 15, 2018
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Lemnos is the perfect, off the beaten track Greek island for engaging in some truly exciting activities. The peculiarity and uniqueness of Lemnos, formerly known as the island of Hephaestus in mythological times, makes it a top destination for nature lovers and for those who enjoy staying active during their holidays. For those who travel in search of kitesurf and windsurf in the Greek islands plus other such activities, then Lemnos is absolutely ideal place, with the added bonus of discovering its undisclosed beauty.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing in Lemnos    

Calling all kitesurfers and windsurfers to Lemnos! Our island is blessed with the perfect surfing conditions. Specifically, the Kotsinas and Keros beaches are the top spots to kitesurf and windsurf in Lemnos! These beaches, that are located within a very short distance from Varos Village hotel, 3 minutes and 15 minutes respectively, are favoured by water sports enthusiasts due to the favourable wind conditions they both experience. In addition, the long stretches of golden sand as well as their calm, shallow waters, make these beaches a surfing hotspot in Lemnos where surfers can enjoy themselves to the fullest, before returning to the hotel for some relaxing downtime.


Scuba diving in Lemnos 

The seabed of Lemnos is simply sensational. Its volcanic morphology is evident beneath the sea’s surface, making it an incredibly interesting underwater landscape for diving enthusiasts to explore. Whether a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced scuba diver, our island is bound to evoke unique feelings of awe below sea level. The north Aegean sea is more mysterious and undisturbed than the more popular Cyclades and so remains a place of enigmatic wonderment. If you are an adamant diver and wish to build on your scuba skills, Lemnos gives you this delightful opportunity. Participate in certified PADI courses to increase your diving prowess, or if you are a diving first timer, go for an assisted dive arm in arm with an instructor. Prepare to be amazed at astonishing visuals through the clear waters and the astounding sensation of being submerged.


Hiking & Walking trails in Lemnos

For those who prefer land to sea activities, the landscapes of Lemnos provide a great way to explore the wonderful nature whilst exercising at the same time. Although there aren’t countless signposted hiking and walking trails to follow, it only takes for you to be a little bit of an explorer and go where curiosity takes you. For example, there are many footpaths through the landscapes of Lemnos that will lead you to mountainous villages, picturesque churches and remote beaches. In fact, they will guide you into discovering some of the most fascinating landmarks of our island. Some worth mentioning are Panagia Kakaviotissa through Thanos village, the waterfalls of Katsaiti, the sand dunes of Pachies Ammoudies as well as the archeological site of Hephaestia. Contact us for advice and we can put together an itinerary about getting your bearings.

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