Beginning in 2010, the Greek developer & his family began to bring life back to the neglected village. A civil engineer by education and a developer by passion, his vision restored and modernized life in the village, without sacrificing its original traditional Lemnian charm, and thus, a Village Hotel was created. Aged more than two centuries, Traditional Residences & some of village’s Windmills have been transformed into the stunning accommodation of Varos Village. Located in different spots within Varos village itself, each housing complex has its own story to tell. Earthy colors of traditional architecture, tiles made of Lemnia Terra and the same volcanic stone have been carefully used by local craftsmen for the restoration. Spacious Rooms and Suites, with a great ambiance and equipped with all modern facilities, are ready to welcome you. The goal of  Varos Village is to offer you a unique experience of authentic Greek hospitality and a memorable stay with unforgettable memories.